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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Middletown (845) 207-5158

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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Middletown (845) 207-5158

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Medical Detox

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Middletown (845) 207-5158

Detoxifying the body of drugs or alcohol is the first step in drug treatment. Medical detox is a medically supervised process of removing traces...

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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers Middletown (845) 207-5158

Alcoholism treatment can take place at an inpatient or outpatient alcoholism treatment center. The rehab process starts with detox, which is the process...

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Drug Treatment Centers Middletown (845) 207-5158

Drug treatment centers Middletown help to rehabilitate and restore individuals to productive lives. After rehab, many recovering addicts make significant contributions to the communities in which they live. Middletown, like other cities in New York struggle with the proliferation of illicit drugs. Rampant drug use compounded by drug related crimes increase the need to get more addicts into effective programs offered at Drug Treatment Centers. Loved ones are often the catalyst for bringing awareness to the problem.

Denial is a dangerous phase of addiction because it can keep many from recognizing their need for help. People in denial falsely believe that they have control over their drug use. In this stage random suggestions to enter a drug treatment center is typically rejected. A well planned and executed drug intervention can help families to breakthrough denial. Drug Treatment Centers Middleton provide the services of a professional interventionist to assist family members to understand the important do’s and don’ts of an intervention.

Drug Intervention

The goal of any drug or alcohol intervention is to help the addict to understand the impact that their substance abuse is having on the family unit. A successful intervention may require the assistance of a professional interventionist who understand the nuances of addiction. If necessary, our interventionist will facilitate the event. They also assist with arrangements for treatment to occur immediately after the confrontation.

Drug interventions does not only benefit the person in addiction. Proper intervention techniques help to bring everyone impacted by the crisis together so that solutions can be found. In addition to getting a loved one into a treatment program, an Intervention help to begin the process of rebuilding broken relationships through comforting strategies. Everyone will gain a better understanding of how to respond to a frustrating and aversive situation.


Whether you are looking to help yourself or to help a loved one to find their way out of addiction it is important to identify a comprehensive intervention program that treat the whole person, not just the addiction. Because habitual drug use can severely impact neurological functions it is important that the facility that you choose also provide dual diagnosis treatment.
Dual Diagnosis is the terminology that describe a mental illness co-occurring with addiction. Although people have always suffered with this condition it is only since the 1990s that Dual diagnosis was recognized as an integral component of the drug rehabilitation process. According to the National institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), people addicted to drugs are roughly twice as likely to suffer from mood and anxiety disorders, with the reverse also true. In some studies recidivism rates for people who receive dual diagnosis treatment were reduced as much as 62%. Despite these important findings, not all rehab facilities offer dual diagnosis treatment. It is therefore important to seek out a treatment center that integrates the most up-to-date treatment protocols into their services.

Addiction treatment at Middletown Drug Treatment Centers is a dynamic process that integrates evidence based traditional and cutting edge interventions with holistic remedies to bring about full recovery. Many individuals fail to overcome drug addiction because they have outdated beliefs about treatment and have never taken the time to fully explore current treatment options. At Drug Treatment Centers Middletown we offer customized treatment programs that are administered by a board certified team of addiction clinicians. To name a few, we offer treatment for addictions such as…

  • Cocaine and crack cocaine
  • Heroine
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription drugs
  • Synthetic Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Food addictions

The parameters of our drug treatment programs are extensive and adhere to all approved addiction treatment stipulations. When you contact our treatment center you are automatically connected to a knowledgeable call center representative that can help you to determine your eligibility for treatment. They are able to explain national and state insurance programs as well as other funding possibilities for people who may have dual diagnosis. Call Drug Treatment Centers Middletown today at (845) 207-5158 to get started on the road to recovery.

About Middletown

Middletown is located in Orange County, New York between Port Jervis and Newburgh. Based on census records the population in this city declined from 28,086 in 2010 to 27,783 in 2013. Middletown was first incorporated in 1888 and expanded quickly during the 19th and 20th centuries. The surrounding area was made up of small dairy farms and also attracted several businesses such as lawnmower blade, shoe and furniture factories.

Railroad was a very important component of the Middletown way of life. Both the Erie Railroad and Ontario and Western Railway were major employers although only the Middletown and New Jersey Railway are the only railroads currently operating in the city. Today major employers include the Galleria at Crystal Run, SUNY Orange, Osteopathic Medicine, the Times Herald-Record and Walmart among others.

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